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Location and access to Hotel Al Rom

The Hotel Al Rom is located in Tschierv/Val Müstair directly on the main axis to and from the Swiss National Park. It is the hotel with a unique view of an intact natural landscape. Tschierv is part of the "Biosfera Val Müstair-Parc Naziunal". Biosfera Val Müstair stands for the future, sustainable development of living space and social structures.
In Tschierv, guests will find peace, comfort, a touch of romance and serenity.

Travel planning to the Engadin

Road conditions Graubünden

Tschierv in Val Müstair

The six municipalities of Tschierv, Fuldera, Lü, Valchava, Sta. Since January 1st, 2009, Maria and Müstair form the municipality of Val Müstair, a valley of 198.65km2 located in the easternmost part of Switzerland and bordering Italy.


The valley is connected to the rest of Switzerland by the Ofen Pass. The neighboring Italy (South Tyrol) can be reached from Müstair to Taufers or via the Umbrail Pass (Bormio). The Val Müstair has around 1600 inhabitants and the main language is Romansh, more precisely "Jauer".


Due to the border location, the majority of the population is trilingual. The settlements in Val Müstair are mostly intact. Tschierv amRombach, in the Münstertal district, in the Val Müstair, in the Lower Engadine, in the canton of Graubünden, in Switzerland, lies in the Biosfera Val Müstair - Parc Naziunal, Swiss National Park, biosphere reserve and the Minschuns ski area.

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