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Uina Bernina Bike-Tour

This tour is one of the nicest in the alps. Totally 227 km and 7500 meters altitude you should be well trained for this route

This is an old smuggler route and you should have a good condition and be free of fear of hights and know how to handle your bike. You start in Sur En and climb to Alp Uina and then you reach the rock galary an only 1,5 meter wide trail which was beaten into a straight rock wall and you see the river hundreds of meters below. The smugglers where save here since it was not for everybody to cross here. They smuggled products from Italy to Switzerland.

After this part you have to climb 1700 meters to reach a barn where you can eat something. Afterwards you have a 1500 meter downhill path which rewards you from the pain of the uphill climb. This is the first day and you will be rewarded with a wonderful dinner at our hotel in Tschierv.


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